[aprssig] TAPR DCC 2013 in a couple weeks

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Wed Sep 4 07:47:28 CDT 2013

Looking forward to your talk Hessu.


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Subject: [aprssig] TAPR DCC 2013 in a couple weeks
Date: Wed, Sep 4, 2013 11:53 AM


Who's coming to TAPR DCC in Seattle in a couple weeks? The early bird
registration time has been extended.

I am flying in, and I'll have a presentation (or two).

I know Phil AD6NH (of aprs2.net) and Javier K4JH (runs quite a few
servers and services for aprs2.net and others) are coming. So is Tapio
OH2KKU who originally wrote the APRS parser I'm using for aprs.fi. The
programme /speaker schedule looks very interesting:


The banquet speaker is Tom van Baak, of http://leapsecond.com/ - and
I'm very much looking forward towards the HackRF talk, too.

- Hessu, OH7LZB
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