[aprssig] ARRL Email forwarding service

Bob Burns W9BU w9bu_lists at rlburns.net
Fri Sep 6 20:17:07 CDT 2013

At 07:40 PM 9/6/2013, AD4BL wrote:

>You need to be signed up for the service, it is not automatic.

But, first, you need to be an ARRL member. The forwarding service is 
only available to ARRL members, not the general amateur radio 
population. So, callsign at arrl.net will only work if "callsign" is an 
ARRL member and if "callsign" has set up the forwarder in their ARRL 
membership account.

I just tried sending a test email from one of my other email accounts 
to my w9bu at arrl.net address. It took about three seconds to go out to 
the ARRL's forwarder and back to the account that I have 
w9bu at arrl.net forwarded to.


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