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do you have is last position where he land in newfoundland

Ronald VE2JOR :
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> http://www.aero-news.net/index.cfm?do=main.textpost&id=0002fadf-4361-499e-99ae-1424fb2c5219
> Cluster Balloonist Abandons Attempt To Cross The Atlantic
> Jonathan Trappe Was Unable To Control The Balloons' Altitude
> Jonathan Trappe's dream of floating across the Atlantic Ocean beneath 
> of cluster of helium balloons has ended in a safe landing, but on the 
> wrong side of the ocean. Trappe landed his cluster balloon in a remote 
> area of Newfoundland at approximately 1830 EDT Thursday, September 12, 
> 2013. Trappe had launched at about 0800 EDT from Caribou, Maine and 
> had been airborne for only about 12 hours on a flight that was 
> expected to take 3-6 days.
> ANN spoke to Kevin Knapp, a veteran gas pilot, who had the first duty 
> shift in Trappe's control center following the launch. According to 
> Knapp, the cluster balloon was never able to achieve a stable float 
> altitude and developed a severe yo-yo effect --- rapid descents with 
> the aircraft hitting the surface of the water, followed by rapid 
> ascents to altitudes as high as 21,000 feet or more. Trappe was unable 
> to gain a steady hand on the errant balloon cluster, which at 3,000 
> cubic meters of volume, was the largest in the world.
> Flight service expressed real concern over the inability to control 
> the aircraft as they watched it repeatedly descend below their radar 
> and then reappear climbing rapidly. Trappe and his team obviously had 
> the same concern and with Newfoundland representing 'land's end' 
> before venturing out over the Atlantic, the decision was made to 
> terminate the attempt.
> Knapp tells ANN that Trappe was able to execute a landing after 
> darkness had fallen and in low visibility. In fact, he says Trappe is 
> uncertain if he is on the ground or possibly in trees, but he is down 
> and safe. Trappe noted on his own Facebook page that he planned to 
> spend the night in his gondola/lifeboat and had lowered the exposure 
> cover. Knapp said it was raining in the area and storms were expected 
> overnight, however the weather trajectories for winds aloft showed 
> that in a perfect world Trappe could have reached Ireland in 94 hours.
> Trappe posted on his Facebook page about 2000 EDT "Landed safe, at an 
> alternate location. Remote. I put the exposure canopy up on the boat. 
> Will stay here for the night."
> Trappe has already made history as a cluster balloon pilot having been 
> the first to cross Lake Michigan, the English Channel and the Alps 
> before making this attempt at the Atlantic.
> The first crossing of the Atlantic by balloon was accomplished in 1976 
> by the late Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson and Larry Newman in their 
> helium balloon Double Eagle II -- so named because it was the second 
> attempt by Anderson and Abruzzo. Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones 
> required 3 attempts to get the Breitling Orbiter balloon around the 
> world for the first time, and the late Steve Fossett was not 
> successful in his solo balloon circumnavigation until his 6th attempt 
> in the Bud Light Spirit of Freedom.
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