[aprssig] Another inconsiderate balloon

Steve Daniels steve at daniels270.eclipse.co.uk
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I think Lynn's graphic should be widely available to demonstrate why paths
at altitude are a bad idea. Obscuring the callsign of course.

Maybe a visual showing of what happens might get the idea across better than


I know of at least one manufacturer of APRS trackers for balloons, that has
coded altitude switchable path settings into their trackers.

Not sure if anyone has done longitude switchable frequencies for
Transatlantic attempts, but that would not be hard for some trackers.


A plug for BigRedBee there:-) I have used Greg's trackers my G6UIM-9 is an
ex balloon tracker. The kit is good and the customer service excellent


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At 12:21 PM 2013-09-13, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:

Yep, communicated direct (red lines) well over 300 miles (circle is 357
miles radius) and lit up digipeaters across a 700 mile range.  All of those
green lines at the edges are unnecessary digipeater hops because it's quite
likely that the red lines were hitting numerous IGates at the same time the
digipeaters received it.

Now that's the kind of graphic that some folks need to see to understand
what is happening.  I can visualize things in my head, mostly <smile>, but
that graphic is awesome!


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