[aprssig] Anybody Missing a D710?

Steve Daniels steve at daniels270.eclipse.co.uk
Fri Sep 20 17:24:35 CDT 2013

I don't see anything much out of the ordinary, ok missing front panel is a
bit odd, but not the cut cables so much.

Used to work making 4cx250 tubes, so I could query the 4cx350 he has on
offer, I know more than any sane person needs to no about those.


As an aside I have several air cooled and conduction cooled 2C39's if anyone
wants them, free to a good home.


Steve Daniels

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What is being asked? Perhaps all of us could "saturate the target" with the
same questions - - -

Works and is in good condition. Wonder if there are any mods - - -



de Charlie, N5EXY, Grid EM10fl,
South Suburban Greater Hutto



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I also asked a question that has been ignored so far


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