[aprssig] [APRS] Announcement of WA1PLE-15 digipeater in SW Boston Area

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Sep 24 12:17:26 CDT 2013

Thanks for the question.  That is the fun part!

The Repeater Object you want to “advertise” is the one that you would
recommend to a traveler entering the area and just wanting to TALK to
people in the area.  These days, with PL, it is nearly impossible for a
traveler to play radio while mobile in a new area without knowing this
critical info.  So it is your call.  If you were entering the **coverage
area of this digi** what repeater would  you have the best chance of
finding someone.  That is the one to advertise.

Fortunately, in a KPC-3, you actually have room for 3 such frequency
objects if needed.  They TX simplex direct once every 10 minutes (and only
when the channel as heard by the digi is clear).  Hence great info, in
real-time, but at no cost to the load on the channel.


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We are struggling just to get coverage up! :-)  We will be tuning in as we
learn more.

However as a practical matter, the definition of "key repeaters" for our
area is problematic.  Is it:

1) the local RACES oriented repeater?

2) the local skywarn repeater?

3) the primary Boston repeater?

4) the dominant repeater for rt 128?

5) the dominant repeater for Pawtucket/Providence?

6) ...

Compounded by my not knowing yet how to create a frequency object. :-)

Can you point to primers to help us get to the next step?

Also:  how to think about which is the primary repeater for our area?




Don Rolph

On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 12:25 PM, Robert Bruninga <wb4apr at amsat.org> wrote:

> I don't believe any of the digipeaters in our area provide repeater

That is one of the primary functions of APRS digipeters. To provide local
info of value to the mobile operator. Configuring a FREQ Object for the
primary locally recommended travelers voice repeater is easy to do and can
be corrected in the KPC-3 via remote sysop at any time.

And once you get it right, it should probably never change, since the
Repeaters that travelers or newcomers want to use are the ones that are
long term stable, always available and not always changing. It is the
constanly chainging presence of come-and-go ego repeaters and links that
makes Ham Radio travel so frustrating. That is why APRS can cut through
the fluff and tell visitors what the real value repeaters are in the area
where they are at right now.

It is great that you are taking leadership in the area in putting up a new
digi, but this is a great opportunity to lead the other area digipeaters
to do the same thing. Providing the local ly recommended Frequency object
(from the digipeater) has been part of the New-N paradigm since 2004. It
is sad that some areas, have not gotten around to keeping up.

The last thing you want to happen is for frustrated APRS operators in the
area to start putting out these objects from their own home stations and
adding LOAD on the network. This is not wanted. What is wanted is for
these objects to be sourced at-the-digi where the digi can insert them
during silent intervals at NO-added-cost to the network. Putting them
anywhere else is just another spam on the channel that is not needed if
done right (at the digi).

Thanks. See http://aprs.org/localinfo.html


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Simply put:  No.  It is decoupled from our local repeater infrastructure.

We can look at that, but repeater density and flux makes configuring
repeaters in the digipeater configuration tough.

I don't believe nay of the digipeaters in our area provide repeater data.

Don Rolph

On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 9:11 AM, Robert Bruninga <wb4apr at amsat.org> wrote:

Is it putting out the LOCALINFO for the recommended voice repeaers in the

See http://aprs.org/localinfo.html


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*Subject:* [APRS] Announcement of WA1PLE-15 digipeater in SW Boston Area

Roger Turner W1ZSA, Jeff Marden KB1TJI, and myself have installed an APRS
digipeater on 144.39 MHz:


at location:
42°05.70' N 71°16.75' W - locator FN42IC

Testing to date indicates that it provides coverage from about Exit 11 on
Rt I95 to Exit 4 on I95 (essentially I295 exit), East into Norton, and
potentially as far as Franklin.

The installation is:

Alinco DR-135T at 50 watts

TNC-X with X-Digi daughter board

Austin antenna with 3 dbd gain (about 5 dbi)

at a rise of about 300 feet on an about 100 foot antenna tower

with emergency generator power

We will be tuning the configuration over the next several weeks.

Comments/suggestions are welcomed.

My thanks to Roger Elmore, Lynn Deffenbaugh, and John Hansen for their



Don Rolph
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