[aprssig] [APRS] Announcement of WA1PLE-15 digipeater in SW Boston Area (NOT)

Tony VE6MVP tony at ve6mvp.com
Tue Sep 24 16:14:23 CDT 2013

At 01:27 PM 2013-09-24, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>  This FREQ object belongs *to*the*digi not to the repeater it is 
> advertising..  The digi's job is to serve the users in *its* 
> vicinity (and not generate QRM to the channel *nor* to adjacent 
> areas.  Therefore, this LOCALINFO concept has been uniquely designed to be
>1)      Sourced at the digi to serve only the DIGI's users and DIGI's area

However the repeater object coverage is outside the DIGI's coverage 
area so I'm choosing to favour the mobile amateur rather than the 
load on the network.  The load out here is quite low.

>2)      Sourced at the digi to eliminate any WIDEn-n digipeating 
>(added load on the network)

>Doing anthing else, (Souircing at a home station), Sourcing with any 
>digipeat hops other than DIRECT violates all 5 concepts.

>There is nothing more frustrating than to receive a packet poping up 
>on my display showing 146.94 MHz and then getting excited that I 
>might be able to dig up a local contact, only to find that I cannot 
>hit it and have wasted my time and endangered myself for tuning the 
>radio when the FREQ object is coming in from 100 miles away from 
>some digi or home station that does not understand this concept.

That might be part the cause of the difference of opinion.   I get my 
information on the nearby APRS objects by glancing at the easy to 
read Nuvi 350 
I see the closest 5 objects and their distance from me.  Away from 
the big city the five closest objects are out about 40 to 60 
kms.      If I want to see the next set I hit the down arrow button.

I simply don't see that repeater object 160 kms away unless I scroll 
down several pages.     The D710 list of APRS objects is too small 
for me to safely view while mobile.  I only ever look at the 
frequency on the D710.

>Yes, one may chose to add this huge burden and 
>out-of-area-and-of-no-value info on their very remote network in an 
>area because it is desolate and with hardly any traffic, but 
>please  understand that that is a local choice and goes against the 
>concept in any area where reliability and throughput of users is of a concern.

I still disagree.  <smile>

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