[aprssig] [APRS] Announcement of WA1PLE-15 digipeater in SW Boston Area (NOT)

Tony VE6MVP tony at ve6mvp.com
Tue Sep 24 16:18:39 CDT 2013

At 01:38 PM 2013-09-24, Andrew P. wrote:
 >So let me see if I can reword this for clarity (check me on this):
 >The digi should announce a voice repeater that is useful _in_ _the_
 >_coverage_ _area_ _of_ _the_ _digi_.
 >As such, if several short-range digis (out of range of each other)
 >were scattered around the same long-range repeater, could (and should)
 >they all announce the same repeater (using no digipeat aliases in
 >their announcement packets)? Seems like that would ensure the traveler
 >would hear about the repeater from one of the digis he was passing
 >(regardless of which direction he was relative to the repeater)?
 >But then who decides _which_ of the multiple digis should do it?

All of them.   After all they are out of range of each other so 
they're not going to interfere with each other.

Now if they were in range of each other then I'd choose the one 
closest to the repeater and set it for a WIDE2-1.   Although Bob and 
I disagree on that.

In the event that the digi's can't all see the originating digi I 
might set a chain of digi's in the path so the packet "bounces" from 
one to the next in the ring.   Again Bob and I disagree on that.

 >Andrew KA2DDO
 >(poking a stick in the fire... :-)

I quite like sticks.  <smile>

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