[aprssig] NWS Warning Filter

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Apr 7 11:18:45 CDT 2014

On 4/7/2014 11:50 AM, David Andrzejewski wrote:
> I'm interested in receiving all NWS warnings sent to APRS-IS by AE5PL, not just
> the ones in my local area (for logging purposes).
> If my filter is something like this:
> filter r/41/-81/100 t/n
> I should receive all of them, correct?  That range filter won't limit it to my
> local area?  My understanding is that filters should be additive.
> Thanks!
> - Dave, KD8TWG

That's correct.    The NWS warnings themselves contain no lat/long info, which 
is what the range filter acts on.

Instead they contain 5-letter originating office codes, and numeric codes that 
activate the relevant Arcview "shape files" (vector outlines) already stored on 
your system.

You are always getting the warnings for the entire US, whether they display on 
your particular map or not.

By the way, note that AE5PL only injects the NWS WARNINGS (severe weather 
actually in progress) into the APRS-IS.   You can get the full set of NWS 
advisories, watches as well as warnings  with the "t/n" filter switch, by 
logging into    firenet.us:14580   instead of one of the usual APRS servers.

Firenet.us contains everything in the normal APRS-IS stream, plus a lot of 
other interesting stuff.

Quoting from <http://info.aprs.net/index.php?title=FireNet> :

"APRS FireNet is an Internet-based system using the APRS protocol and much of 
the same client/server software to provide fire fighting, earthquake, and 
weather information in much higher volume and detail than the traditional 
APRS-IS system is capable of carrying. It carries the full APRS-IS feed PLUS 
the additional types of objects listed below. The tie-in between FireNet and 
APRS-IS allows station positions and messages to transfer between the systems, 
but the special FireNet objects do not get sent to APRS-IS."


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