[aprssig] Lancaster PA digi shooting blanks

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 7 11:36:12 CDT 2014

A nice APRS DF challenge is the digipeater somewhere around Lanacaster PA
that is shooting blanks.

DEAD carrier on each digipeat.  This has been going on for more than a
year!  I remember hearing it while chasing our last balloon last summer.
And again this weekend chasing our last balloon. But in both cases I was
chasing balloons and did not have time to chase other bad things on the air.

This is sad that no one is doing anything about it.   We all have a

1)      LISTEN to the channel by ear every now and then.

2)      Report and FIND bad signals (modulation)

3)      Bad TXDelays,

4)      Bad SKEW in the tones

5)      Digipeaters with bad TXDelays

6)      Digipeaters that are transmitting no audio!

These things are easy and fun to track down using normal DF techniques.

Practicing our DFing skills as radio operators is part of what we do.  And
MONITORING our local APRS channel and cleaning it up is what we need to do
for a reliable netgwork for all of us.

These problems are everywhere.  Sometimes I think some people never even
listen to the channel!

Good luck DFing!

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