[aprssig] What is "TNC Channel Switching"?

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Sun Apr 13 21:08:06 CDT 2014

On 14/04/14 11:32, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> On 4/13/2014 5:52 PM, Rick Bogdan wrote:
>> I have a PacComm Tiny-2 that I replaced the stock eprom with a KISS 
>> only eprom
>> many years ago during the height of the tcpip network activity up in 
>> the NE
>> area and it worked great, even today it still works.
> Did the OEM eprom have any variant of KISS in it?
> ________________________________________

FWIW, I have a copy of the tnc2118a.bin file and it references KISS. 
Within the file contents are "Last mod:N2WX 03/20/92 Added 1.1.7b 
KISS:WA7GXD 08/30/92"
I can't recall with any certainty if this used a 27256 or 27512 EPROM 
but it occupies the same address space as the MFJ1270B OEM EPROM which 
was a 27256 and contained KISS. The OEM version is tnc2128.bin which 
contains "Last mod:N2WX 03/01/91"

I can send the bin files as attachment in a P mail if you want them.

Ray vk2tv

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