[aprssig] aprs.fi google map failure on Firefox/Linux

MJ Inabnit ke6sls at arrl.net
Wed Apr 1 20:37:11 CDT 2015

Getting this error every time I try to load aprs.fi:

Google has disabled use of the Maps API for this application.  See the 
Terms of Service for more information:
http://www.google.com/intl/en-US_US/help/terms_maps.html.  [OK]

I have a screen shot if anyone needs it.  Don't think I can attach it to 
this list post.

This error has happened before, but it cleared after a short while each 
time.  Tonight, it loads 95% of the page, then clears the page and pops 
up that error.


tu, 73


wishing you well
Jaye, ke6sls--via the acer w/thunderchicken3

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