[aprssig] APRS net coming to Oklahoma

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Apr 3 12:27:43 CDT 2015

Ø  "The Tulsa Digital Radio Club (KT5DIG) will sponsor 2015’s first OK
Statewide APRS net at 1300 CDT on Saturday, April 11, 2015."

Great!  Love to hear how it goes!

I remind everyone that there is really zero difference between SS3-3 and
SS7-7 when trying to involve everyone in a state wide net.

Yes, the guys in the center of the state can use SS3-3 and probably hit
everyone, but the guy in one corner needs to use SS7-7 to hit the guy in
the other corner.

But guess what, They produce the SAME number of packets.  Because in each
case, EVERY packet generated hits EVERY digipeater in the state
once*and*only*once.  And that is the GOAL of a state wide net anyway.

So I would not waste any time trying to fine-tune SSn-N.  If  you want to
communicate, there is only one solution.  Use SS7-7.

And this is still FAR*FAR* better than WIDE7-7 which explodes everywhere in
all directions reaching thousands of miles and all surrounding states.
Whereas SS7-7 covers ONLY the people in the state and it does it
efficiently and effectively and without any QRM anywhere else.

Soap Box off.

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