[aprssig] [Aprx] Re: APRX Stable Release v2.8.2

Kenneth Finnegan kennethfinnegan2007 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 13:24:59 CDT 2015

You should be able to install the new version over the old one in the
same manner that you originally installed it, so Debian-based systems
can just "dpkg -i aprx_new_version.deb"
Kenneth Finnegan, W6KWF

On Sun, Apr 5, 2015 at 11:25 PM, 'kg4pid' via Aprx software
<aprx-software at googlegroups.com> wrote:
> I'm currently running "aprx_2.8.1-W6KWF-4-g22e4d79_armhf.deb". What is the
> correct way to do an upgrade?
> Max KG4PID
> On Sunday, April 5, 2015 at 6:56:53 PM UTC-5, Kenneth Finnegan wrote:
>> I have tagged aprx release version 2.8.2. This is a bug-fix only
>> release for the v2.8 branch. The source is available here:
>> http://thelifeofkenneth.com/aprx/release/aprx-2.8.2.tar.gz
>> Fixes from aprx v2.8.svn593 to aprx v2.8.2 include:
>> * Aprx can now correctly RF-gate to stations using null paths
>> * Aprx can now correctly RF-gate when not configured as a digipeater
>> * Corrected failure to correctly digipeat "direct-only"
>> * Various logging improvements
>> * Various documentation improvements
>> * Better SMACK support
>> * Fixed issue with "d" filter processing
>> * Reduced number of build warnings
>> * Correctly handle STARTAPRX in /etc/default/aprx
>> It is encouraged that all users of aprx upgrade to 2.8.2 since it
>> fixes many behavioral bugs present in the latest official release.
>> Some pre-built debs will be made available here:
>> http://thelifeofkenneth.com/aprx/ but building aprx from source should
>> be relatively easy.
>> Thanks again to everyone who contributed patches to improve aprx!
>> --
>> Kenneth Finnegan, W6KWF
>> http://blog.thelifeofkenneth.com/
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