[aprssig] New Version of UZ7HO Soundmodem Released

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Apr 16 10:01:22 CDT 2015

[16 April 2015]

UZ7HO has released updated versions of the UZ7HO Soundmodem and the UZ7HO 
Highspeed Soundmodem (soundcard "soft TNCs") today.   As usual, I have repacked 
them into full Windows "wizard-type" installers that are now downloadable from 
my website at:

.  <http://wa8lmf.net/miscinfo>

 From the changelogs:

=== Soundmodem ===

     SoundModem v0.80b changes:
     - Added new BPSK 2400 baud modem.
     - Little code optimization.
     - Fixed some minor bugs.

     SCM v0.78b changes:
     - Added new BPSK 300-1200 baud modes.
     - Reduced CPU load.

     SCM v0.72b changes:
     - Added the KISS ACKMODE support.

     SCM v0.71b changes:
     - Fixed "Frame Collector" operation with MAXFRAME greater than 4 and IPOLL
       frames. By default it supports up to 6 frames into collector's buffer now.
     - Added "TXFrmMode" option (that was available in 9k6/19k2 version). It allows
       to select the transmission mode of the frames.

       If set "TXFrmMode=1" then it will repeat only one frame on each of REJ acks.
       It can be useful in poor condition jointly with MAXFRAME up to 4. If another
       station uses a TNC which can operate with "Frame Collector" this option can
       improve a performance, especially on HF.

       If set "TXFrmMode=0" then it will always repeat the block of the frames, of
       which the number is limited by MAXFRAME. It can improve the efficiency in
       good condition. Especially with TNCs without "Frame Collector" function.

       By default this value is "1".

=== Highspeed Soundmodem ===

     High-Speed SoundModem v0.03b changes:
     - Changed LPF filter in HAPN 4800 baud mode.
     - Little code optimization.
     - Fixed some minor bugs.

     High-Speed SoundModem v0.02b changes:
     - Changed name of the project from "G3RUH" to "Highspeed Soundmodem"
     - Added new Manchester 1200-7200 and HAPN 4800 baud modes.
     - Reduced CPU load.

     G3RUH SCM v0.17b changes:
     - Added the same main features and improvements as in the previous AFSK 

     G3RUH SCM v0.16b changes:
     - Reduced CPU load.
     - Changed samplerate to 48000 by default.
     - Added 19200 baud G3RUH modem.


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