[aprssig] GOogle Maps 3D!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 27 08:26:25 CDT 2015

I just noticed that google maps (maps.google.com) is now quite 3D.

At first I was going to complain because it appeared they had removed fine
detail in the trees over my yard and were just kinda using crude
synthesized generic foliage probably to save bandwidth.

But then I happened to hit the TILT button and the trees came alive.  Every
tree seems to have been modeled in 3D and so as you tilt and move around
the views, you can see under the trees.  Then I noticed every house was in
3D!  Tilt and look from all four sides and you see all four sides of a

Probably is not like this everywhere, but here is my neighborhood:

Thomas Rd, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060

Even the telephone poles are individually in 3D..


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