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Well, this is very interesting. I'll have to make a second draft of my soundsplugin to support this Kenwood square-bracket notation.
My implementation allows the user to configure different sound effects for each event type, such "message addressed to your station" or "your object was taken over by another station". One of the choosable options for an event type is to send a formatted string to the text-to-speech program with substitutions from parts of the message. For example, the default format for the MESSAGE_TO event in speech mode is "from {SENDER}, {MESSAGE}", where SENDER means to spell out the sender's callsign in standard phonetics, and MESSAGE means to speak the text of the APRS text message. There are several other macros which can be placed into the format string, and a format string can be nothing but macros.
I'll add support for the Kenwood word codes and an option to spell rather than pronounce the message if it starts with "%".
Andrew, KA2DDO

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Thanks Lynn!

I remember making a definition of that capability, but cannot find it
documented anywhere.  Is it even documented in Kenwood docs?

If no one knows where this is documented, Ill add it to my APRS1.1 spec
since it has existed since that time..


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>From http://bit.ly/1bYo9lj first hit:


If you have the VS-3 chip in your 0700 radio, it will spell the call sign
of the sending
station on all messages sent to you. It will do this for all messages sent
to your call sign,
regardless of SSID. This is especially useful when you are in your car.
That way, you
get allerted to messages sent to your home station even if you are mobile.
In addition to
this, if a message starts with a percent sign ‘%‘, it will spell the entire
message. For
example, if I send a message to Bob, WB4APR, the message would be:


The D700 radio would then say:
‘W’ ‘U’ ‘2’ ‘ZED’ I SEE YOU TOO

In addition to the alphabet and numbers, it has some extra words. These
words can be
accessed by putting their codes in square brackets. For example:

WU2Z>APRS::WB4APR :%ICU[6b]2[62]

Will say:

And it goes on to provide the word table.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 4/30/2015 9:23 AM, Robert Bruninga wrote:


What is the APRS message Code for “SPEAK THIS”.  I remember back in 1998 or
so, I used that to cause the Kenwood Radios (with voice chip) to speak APRS
messages.  But I went looking for something that documented this feature
and could not find it!

I thought it was simply a backslash (\) that caused all after (or was it
all between) to be spoken?

Our next APRS satellite can speak, and so we want it to be able to speak
APRS messages.


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Greetings, all.

The next beta build of YAAC has been released, automatically upgradeable
the usual way or downloadable from the usual sources:


The changes to YAAC itself are fairly minor (a few bugfixes), but the
important change is support for the first draft of the new soundsplugin,
which allows YAAC to use your sound card to audibly report various events
occurring in the APRS network, such as:

   - new stations and objects being heard
   - stations reporting emergency and priority conditions
   - locally-controlled objects being taken over by other stations

Events can be reported as simple beeps, user-chosen sound files (WAV,
etc.), or synthesized spoken speech (using the "espeak" speech synthesizer
or other compatible applications).

The soundsplugin is available for download from the same places as YAAC
itself can be downloaded.


Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO
author of YAAC


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