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> I recall that what I did was appropriate at the time and followed
convention but I cannot cite the source. My recollection was that the use
of the black diamond and I character indicated an iGate that was primarily
indicative of a receive only gate and had no digipeat or transmit
capability. The green star with the I character indicated a digipeater and
iGate and was usually used when both were 2-way capable. I am not sure what
would be appropriate for a digipeater with a receive-only iGate. It has
been a few years but I think that I had the digipeater using a different
callsign and btext so it used the green star and the iGate use the black
diamond with the I. Again, I believe that at the time it was approved best
practice and probably still is.

It has been suggested in the past to use a black diamond with R overlay to
indicate a receive-only igate.

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