[aprssig] WxBot weather forecasts now available on OUTNET

Martin Nile martin.nile at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 12:50:35 CST 2016

WxBot has been updated to allow the weather forecast reply to be
transmitted by the OUTNET APRS feed on the Outernet L-Band Satellite feed.

Add the word "OUTNET" to any WxBot query, and the response will be
distributed via Outernet as well as via the normal APRS channel.

If you are in an area with no terrestrial APRS, you can send the query via
APRS satellite, or HF radio and get the reply via an inexpensive homebrew
receiver (Less than $100).  If you are in an area where your APRS igate is
"receive only", you can get the replies via satellite.

Outernet (https://outernet.is) is a low speed data feed from geosynchronous
satellites which can be received globally with a simple receiver.  You can
read about the APRS OUTNET feed here: http://aprs.org/outnet.html

Sample WxBot outnet messages:

*tomorrow outnet*

Returns tomorrow's weather forecast for your current location which will
also appear on OUTNET.  Weather forecasts are only available for US

*metar outnet*

Returns a metar weather report from the nearest ICAO station and copies to
the the OUTNET feed. This will work globally, but the nearest ICAO station
may be very far way.

*cwop outnet*

Returns current weather conditions as reported by the nearest CWOP station.

*Annapolis,MD outnet*

Returns a weather forecast for Annapolis and copy the reply via OUTNET.
This will work for any US city.  Spell out the full city name, abbreviate
the state and separate with a comma.

More details on WxBot can be found at:

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