[aprssig] theoretical IGate ID

Jim Alles kb3tbx at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 13:07:27 CST 2016

Three items, independently - would it be feasible to:

1) Each packet transmitted on RF by an IGate, include an identifier to
explicitly indicate an IGate with Internet connection to APRS-IS, as well.

2) use some deprecated TOCALL SSIDs to indicate how an IGate transmitted a

with a -4 offset:

APxxnn-4 = no hops, direct only.
APxxnn-5 = one hop
APxxnn-6 = two hops
APxxnn-7 = special use only, three or more

3) expand the existing use of object symbol overlays to indicate how an
IGate is configured to transmit:

I& = IGate (deprecated)
R& = Receive Only (not encouraged)
T& = TX capable (deprecated)
0& = no hops - direct only
1& = one hop
2& = two hops
7& = special path
P& = reserved for Proportional PATH

Bob had this in 2011:

* I& - is an IGate, but is ambiguous with respect to transmitting
** R& - means it is definitely an RX only IGate
** T& - Means it is definitely a TX IGate with one hop path only
** 2& - means it is a TX igate clobbering two hops in all directions
** 3& - means it is a TX SPAM GENERATOR , (or a legitimate special case)*

<http://aprs.org/symbols/symbolsX.txt> in 2015:*

\&  OG# I=Igte R=RX T=1hopTX 2=2hopTX

Oh, and not the yellow TCPIP symbol, like I used to run.

/I PI  TcpIp on air network stn


Jim A.
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