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What version numbers are you currently using to discriminate your newer version of aprx from the older code originally maintained by OH2MQK?

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I had assumed most people were using the aprs-deviceid database over the tocalls.txt file, so I hadn't pushed for updates since the allocation itself is correct. This is the current listing in Hessu's database: - tocall: APRX??   vendor: Kenneth W. Finnegan, W6KWF   model: Aprx   class: software   os: Linux/Unix
You are correct though. It should be described as a "Digipeater/I-gate" package.

Kenneth Finnegan

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APRXxx  <39 for OH2MQK's RX-igatePerhaps it was a Rx-only IGate many years ago, but when I first tried it in 2011, APRX already supported both Tx and Rx IGating plus digipeating.Why correct it?  Well, some APRS clients use the list at the link above to translate the TOCALL and thus identify what radio or software application a station is using.  I think that's a nice feature, but in this case it sort of makes everyone using APRX look like they are operating a Rx-IGate.Thanks,
Lee - K5DAT


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