[aprssig] 7J6CAT is Back !; I Mean; WA4TKG

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Dec 22 09:01:38 CST 2016

The best path is WIDE2-2 for all fixed stations.  It will go two hops in
all directions.  And nothing more is desired in most APRS areas due to
channel overload..

For mobiles in areas with fill-in digipeaters, the path WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1
will also go 2 hops, but it can also be picked up by some home and fill in
digis to help it along in low coverage areas.

Just look at APRS.FI and select the little button on the right with two
colored circles to see the coverage of the digis in your area.


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Apparently, after being off the air for about five years or so (for APRS;
that is), you all decided it was time to CHANGE the UNPROTO path at which I

am to send my " Traffic " .....so; what is the UP to DATE   " UN Pro To "
for APRS now-a-daze ?


....previously:  " 7J6CAT; the ONLY APRS Station in J-Pan" (tm)

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