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Re: [aprssig] 2 port TNC
Ross Whenmouth <ross at topwire.co.nz>
24/12/16 19:48

aprssig at tapr.org

Hi Ev,

This probably isn't the best solution, but if you took 2x TAPR TNC2s
with KISS-only EPROMS, and connected them "back to back" with an RS232
crossover cable, then I'd expect that every Ax.25 packet received by one
TNC would be automatically retransmitted by the other TNC (subject to
normal CSMA etc channel access on the TNC doing the transmitting).

For remote reset capability, you could connect a DTMF decoder to the
audio from one of the receivers eg:

Ross Whenmouth


You probably want something "a little more secure" than a DTMF reset
device, on one of the channel RX's.  Use a third RX for that sort of
thing, parked up in an obscure part of 70cms for example.   Or one of
the many GSM relay boxes that abound the web auction sites.

Wasn’t there a DOS based multiport digi program about a few years back
that would do all that (and more) ?  (Still needs TNC's though.)

I forget the name, it would run on really low powered (cpu wise)
computers too from memory, old 386's and the like.  Think I might even
have a copy on an old 386 laptop that's lurking here somewhere...

73 and Seasons Greetings etc.

Dave G0WBX.

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