[aprssig] APRS and Big Data

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Dec 30 11:39:56 CST 2016

APRS and its APRS-IS cloud are not being used to their full potential of
“Big data”…

The original intent of APRS in its 1992 paper at DCC was to be a single
information resource channel to maintain real-time situational awareness of
**everything** going on in HAM RADIO is an area.  Everything we could think
of to identify our activities, station capabilities and actions was
included in the format.

The idea was, tune to 144.39, monitor for 10 minutes, and you would see
everything going on in Ham radio in your area, on any and all bands and any
and all activites, nets, frequencies,  contests, meetings, eyeballs, and
what you were building, installing, whatever.  If you were doing **it**
then there was a packet on APRS announcing it live (for the duration).

All we got instead, was a wasted decade of one-way GPS trackers with no one
even looking at what was going on in their area.

Are you doing something useful right now in Ham radio?  Are you beaconing

APRSdos even had a human-present detector (any keys or mouse movement) and
if so, your home station symbol changed to indicate “operator present” and
of course (by 2004) your voice monitoring frequency was included in your

Anyway, what else can we do with “big data”?  I always wanted to write a
“special event “ detector that would note any “convergence” of specialty
mobiles in an area… thus, alerting one to an emergency response or

SO much fun… so little time…

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