[aprssig] GPS receivers and WX stns

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sat Dec 31 13:17:42 CST 2016

> On Dec 31, 2016, at 1:24 PM, wa4tkg at netzero.net wrote:
> Will these Puppies work with OS X Mac ? 
> I just bought a new iMac Recently, and getting it all loaded up...my brother showed me that type of GPS
> before, but as with a lot of Hardware; it can be difficult to find something that works.
It's been a while since I've seen a serial USB that didn't have Mac drivers. 

If you aren't in a rush you can order this on EBay from China for about $7. I get a lot of parts that way, takes 2-4 weeks and I've never had a problem. You can also get the pieces separately for about the same price if you want to be sure to have Mac compatibility. The $1 USB cables that end in Dupont connectors work great on Mac OS X.

Steve K4HG

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