[aprssig] APRS + Local Lan Question

Charles Blackburn ai4ri at cfl.rr.com
Thu May 5 11:00:54 CDT 2016

Hi guys.

2 questions.....

I'm responsible for a node in the local packet network here in Daytona.

Our main "network" is on 145.050, we have uhf backbones to deland and st

1. We have a spare VHF antenna and I was wondering how much interference
running aprs on 144.390 would be considering the antennae are only about 20
feet apart.

Here's a bit.ly link to a photo I took this morning. The location is in
Ormond beach on the 18th floor of a condo building.


My other question is regarding hops... now with it being REALLY high up and
there is a LARGE digipeater network in Orlando, I'm assume that it would be
beneficial to just use a path of WIDE1-1 so that it only digipeats once ?

Right now, I'll be igating from home until I can figure out a way to get
internet up there, my concern is I know that the site can cover pretty much
all of Volusia county and parts of flagler county, but I don't want to cause
QRM to the guys out west as the Orlando system has decent/wide coverage.
Right now the power output on the 050 lan I believe is 25watts I'm only
thinking of maybe 10 watts for aprs 

Thoughts, comments.


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