[aprssig] slightly OT talking about 9k6

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Fri May 6 17:01:01 CDT 2016

Dire Wolf on a Raspberry Pi is purported to work better than hardware
solutions and will do 9600.  $35 + $5 USB soundcard dongle

On 5/6/2016 4:49 PM, Charles Blackburn via aprssig wrote:
> So after trawling around the st(r)ash of tncs etc that I snagged, and going
> to the various sites, the only 9k6 tnc I can find is a spirit 2 that's
> running the st Augustine link.
> Does anyone have a line on 9k6 KISS tnc's that are (relatively) cheap to get
> a hold of?
> I REALLY want to get this setup back up and running again and now that
> there's a renewed push to get the network fixed.
> But I need a couple of 9k6 tncs  for the link and to run a 9k6 aprs site.
> Any help appreciated. That way when all you guys come and invade Daytona for
> the 500 you'll actually get aprs coverage :D
> Charlie
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