[aprssig] The East will Rise again! (at 9600?) VHF-YES!

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Fri May 6 19:22:28 CDT 2016

>>  But we need more than hikers,
>> to get us access to some existing ham radio maintained sites.  We do NOT
>> want nodes to branch off down into the plains.  These nodes would bog down
>> the network.  No, the main backbone would be to support emergency operations
>> with beams that can point up to the mountains to pass traffic.

> The backbone and users access ports should absolutely be on different bands/frequencies.
> 73-KY9K/Brian

What Brian said!!

If you do use the KPC-9612 you'll have a second 1200 baud port.  Hook
that to a UHF radio for user access.

I'd argue that the 'easy' technique of mixing node to node and user
traffic on the same node in the Legacy packet system was responsible
for poor performance and thus disenchantment and downfall of the whole


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