[aprssig] Dirty signals vs. hardware TNCs

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Ah, preaching to the choir. If only we could get the word out to the rookies who don't know to look here yet....
At least Kenwood puts references to Bob Bruninga's documentation in their manuals (and even a section Bob himself wrote). But the Kenwoods are factory pre-aligned. Can we get the other APRS manufacturers (hardware and software) to spread the word as to where newbies can find directions so they aren't left wandering in the wilderness of malfunctioning equipment without usage directions? I think I'm going to add some menu choices to my application's Help menu to bring up the user's browser pointed at the major APRS documentation centers. If only said documentation centers were better organized (back to my earlier plea for The Complete, Concise, and Organized Guide for the APRS Newbie).
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Might be a good place to plug a new Wiki page. Explains how to set deviation of a 1200-baud TNC/Radio combo using a $20 RTL dongle.

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Suggested reading on the subject.

Sometimes it's a little mystifying why an APRS / AX.25 Packet TNC will decode some signals and not others. A weak signal, buried in static, might be fine while a nice strong clean sounding signal is not decoded. Here we will take a brief look at what could cause this perplexing situation and a couple things that can be done about it.


Here, we take a closer look at some of the frames on the TNC Test CD in hopes of gaining some insights into why some are easily decoded and others are more difficult. There are a lot of ugly signals out there. Many can be improved by decreasing the transmit volume. Others are just plain weird and you have to wonder how they are being generated.



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