[aprssig] Telemetry

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri May 13 09:38:50 CDT 2016

TInytrack-4 has 5 analog input channels and a telemetry beacon.  A 10k/2.4k
voltage divider for the volts channel will give  you the Volts in tenths
(up to 25.5 volts).  Reasonably enough.

Current either needs a current chip or you can do something with a
transistor to amplify the voltage drop across a shunt.


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Need a hand – have a 10 GHz beacon we would like to add telemetry to

+ Temp

+ Current

+ Volts

+ RF 1

+ RF 2

Suggestions ?

Opentracker ?

TinyTrak ?

Want to send telem packet

-        Andrew -
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