[aprssig] Flaming AvMap G6

Frank Knobbe k4fhk at knobbe.us
Wed May 18 11:06:28 CDT 2016

On Mon, 2016-05-09 at 09:15 -0700, KF4LVZ via aprssig wrote:
> I can't find any clear documentation but does this have an internal
> lithium battery (all I can find is information stating it has an
> internal battery but not the chemistry)?  I could easily see the battery
> charger and/or battery itself having a problem, especially a lithium
> battery, resulting in a thermal runaway situation.

Yes it does. There's a small Lithium battery glued to the back of the
case. It likely it got old and ignited.

(I just changed Li batteries in my vehicle cameras and one of them was
starting to bulge.)

It would be nice if these were user replaceable. Unfortunately, the
average user will have issues taking the AvMaps apart and putting it
back together. I would have preferred to see a latch somewhere to insert
a replaceable battery.


PS: AvMaps works much better if you route the satellite antenna to the
outside with a small shielded cable. Mine rests on top of the passenger
visor. :)

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