[aprssig] All the SSL APRS-IS servers are down

Curt Mills curt.we7u at gmail.com
Tue May 24 22:14:27 CDT 2016

LetsEncrypt issues them for free. That's what I use on my servers. Once you
set it up, it's super-easy to renew the certificate when it expires.

On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 7:36 PM, spam8mybrain via aprssig <aprssig at tapr.org>

> Looks like we have a problem with the SSL-based servers. It seems that
> their server public key certificates expired last week, and now they aren't
> online any more to even report the certificate expirations like they were
> yesterday. Is the ARRL still issuing server certificates?
> Does anyone have a progress report on possibly fixing this?
> Just curious.
> Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO
> author of YAAC
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