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I enjoyed participating in the 2013 experiment and would like to be a part of this event as well.  I still have my D72, but also have a Thd7 as well as a ft-350 mobile in my vehicle.  I also have an RV with a dual band mobile (no tnc, but could use sound card and software to receive) that could be used as a command center.

I recently spent a day in the historic cave volunteering doing cave trail maintenance and it was nice to see the weather stations set up in the cave monitoring conditions, so this work does have very practical usage. I have a couple of good contacts with the park if you need help scheduling or coordinating.

Please add me to you list of interested participants.


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> On May 26, 2016, at 8:02 PM, Robert Bruninga via aprssig <aprssig at tapr.org> wrote:
> In 2013, we used APRS to demonstrate the longest wireless cave penetration of nearly a mile underground (to our knowledge).  And now the ARRL is sponsoring the National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event all year for both the NPS exposure and for Ham Radio.
> We want to do something special by doing it UNDERGROUND by returning to Mammoth cave and setting up a special event.
> See:  http://aprs.org/NPOTA-MammothCave.html
> There are many ways to use HF or UHF or Packet to complete this event.  We are just beginning to figure this out, but the above web page shows some of the ideas.
> We will need at least ten operators with a variety of technical hardware depending on the tests we can do.  Here are the different modes we can do:
> * Ten people with UHF HT's making contacts underground.
> * Ten using D72 digipeating HT's to make APRS packet contacts like we did in 2013
> * Ten HT operators with handheld UHF beams trying to penetrate to topside?
> * Ten mobile HF operators with good mobile antennas (possibly tilted if needed)
> We don't know when this will be, but it has to be finished by the end of the calendar year.  I'm beginning to refresh my personel contacts with the cave to see if they have some good event schedules.
> Bob, WB4APR.
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