[aprssig] Hybrid APRS

SARTrack Admin info at sartrack.co.nz
Sat May 28 12:27:23 CDT 2016

While I do not fully understand the initial question;

SARTrack is a _free_ software package (for Search and Rescue and HAM 
users) which can directly decode:
- Several Satellite trackers;
- Kenwood, Tait, Icom and Motorla commercial radio systems;
- AIS vessel VHF and direct radio tracking

All of the none-APRS trackers are converted into APRS Objects (with 
Tracks, Tactical names, etc) which can be forwarded to the APRS network.
All of these are overlayed on the various OSM maps available.

Also, SARTrack now uses a special Database Server system, which opens up 
more very adavnced options for management of SAR, Civil Defence and 
Emergency Services organisations.




SARTrack Developer and CEO

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