[aprssig] Kenwood's new APRS and D-STAR HT

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat May 28 20:57:53 CDT 2016

Did anyone come back after Dayton and tell everyone about the new Kenwood
HT which will have basically the tri-band performance of the TH-F6 they
have had for years and the APRS performance of the THD-72 PLUS it will have

Oh, and it also is all mode, including AM, FM, SSB etc AND it has a general
coverage receiver including HF...

I think that is what I heard...  there was nothing written down and they
would not let anyone hold it...

Release sometime later this year?

Oh, and it is bigger than the TH-F6 but slightly smaller than the THD-72.


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