[aprssig] Standalone APRS on Rasberry Pi? (OUTNET)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 3 12:31:40 CDT 2016

*>Subject:* RE: [aprssig] Standalone APRS on Rasberry Pi?

> Specifically, were you looking for an end-user application

> (Xastir/YAAC), a telemetry-type application, a softTNC app

> (DireWolf), or a mid-point infrastructure app like aprx?

The ground station for the OUTERNET Geostationary bird is a DIY Rasberry
Pie that can bring down the OUTERNET feed to anywhere on earth with a small
1m dish antenna to any of their SIX geostationary birds.

They are thinking of providing an APRS Satellite downlink on their system.
Remember, these are intended for anywhere on earth primarily without access
to the internet or any other services.

See http://aprs.org/outnet.html

So, it would be neat of also running on the same PIE was an APRS client
that would draw a map of the APRS stream (or text files) of the APRS

The raspberry pie may be fully loaded trying to parse the megabit downlink
already, but maybe it has some cycles to also run APRS in the background?


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Subject: [aprssig] Standalone APRS on Rasberry Pi?

Is there an APRS client that runs, stand-alone on a Rasberry Pi (that is
remote and the internet is not available?)

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