[aprssig] Standalone APRS on Rasberry Pi? (OUTNET)

John D. Hays john at hays.org
Mon Oct 3 13:43:35 CDT 2016


On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 11:10 AM, spam8mybrain <spam8mybrain at yahoo.com>

> Ah, so you are looking for an end-user client that would either poll files
> or accept a real-time stream from the Outernet receiver software and report
> this APRS stream the same way a TNC or APRS-IS feed would be reported.
> Well, YAAC can read files of APRS messages, although not poll them for
> real-time updates, and YAAC's log file format probably doesn't match a file
> Outernet would produce (although that could be added quickly once the file
> format was documented). Would the Outernet folks be willing to augment
> their receiver software to add a real-time socket feed that a client could
> connect to (similar to the TCP socket service in aprsc and other APRS-IS
> backbone server software? Then any Linux-compatible APRS end-user client
> could be used (since they all support APRS-IS).
> Andrew, KA2DDO
> author of YAAC


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