[aprssig] Fwd: Global Geo SATCOM system?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Oct 8 15:54:31 CDT 2016

APRS now has a global Satellite downlink using OUTERNET via Inmarsat.

OUTERNET is a free worldwide Geostationary Satellite downlink system
designed to bring content to remote areas.  They have three geostationary
birds covering the entire globe EVERYWHERE.  All you need is a small 4"
square patch antenna to receive content via your own home-made receiver
based on a USB TV dongle and Raspberry Pi.

We have designated OUTNET as the APRS name for this channel, and anyone
sending packets with that word in them will get routed to the OUTERNET.
Normally OUTERNET is a one-way outbound content delivery stream.  But for
licensed hams, who can use APRS from remote areas such as via any of the
APRS satellites or via HF, then it becomes a two-way system for them.

We have some ideas on how this can be used to augment Ham radio in our
Emergency Response and remote operations missions.  See

I'm even playing with ideas for using simple 1Watt HF circuit boards to
transmit simple APRS content using WSPR!  It has 27 dB better performance
than normal HF and so it will be a great return path for APRS data...

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