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I'll be adding these overlays to the next build of YAAC. Is there an existing symbol icon for flood gauges?
Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO author of YAAC 

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> On http://www.aprs.org/symbols.html I see different symbols
> for available for flood stage (water with overlay) but I don't
> see them defined in the spec.  Did I miss this somewhere?

Thanks for the tip.  All new additions to the symbol tables are being made
in the NEW SYMBOLS link on the aprs.org/symbols.html page.


I just made this addition for the WATER symbol:

/w = Water Station or other H2O
\w = flooding (or Avalanche/slides)
Aw = Avalanche
Gw = Green Flood Gauge
Mw = Mud slide
Nw = Normal flood gauge (blue)
Rw = Red flood gauge
Sw = Snow Blockage
Yw = Yellow flood gauge

This was at the suggestion of the FEMA Tech Director just recovering from
their severl flooding events in Louisana and NC.

Any others?
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