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How funny that I was contemplating how to open this thread...and you did the deed for me, Bill! ;-)
I would like to read stories of how APRS has been used to support Emergency First Responders (EmComm, Health/Wellfare, SAR ... not "public service" tracking of relay runners or balloon tracking).
I would also be interested in learning if any APRS software authors have written EmComm-focused apps that rely on APRS as its' foundation.

Ev, W2EV
PS: Googling "APRS EMCOMM" doesn't turn up much of value in this regard...but I'm pleased to see that my article from EmComm East a few years ago popped up. ;-)

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I suggested APRS as an tool for this situation described below...

It is often surprising how APRS is not even considered in many EmComm
situation when it (APRS) seems like such a good fit.

There's much to be done with the user interface and messaging needs to
be fixed - but the opportunity is here to provide an awesome useful
Ham Radio service.

10 years ago we had a storm in the Puget Sound region that knocked out
power for days - weeks for some.  It was during those five long cold
days that I came to consider APRS as the ultimate Ham communications
technology.  Today I believe that even stronger...

Bill, WA7NWP

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I was approached by a Deputy today asking what we (Amateur Radio) had
to offer to address a problem.

IF/WHEN we have a big disaster (Cascadia Earthquake/Tsunami), First
Responders rightfully need to first see to the safety of their own
families. Only then are they free to attend to their professional

In such an event, phones will be out, both landline and cellular,
repeaters for Public Service and Amateur VHF/UHF radio will be out,
and internet other than satellite dish will be out. Much of the County
communications is by linked microwave.

Our terrain is rugged, with narrow valleys and many areas where
simplex VHF/UHF radio just does not reach.

How are other areas handling this need? How can a Sheriff’s
Deputy/Firefighter/Police Officer most reliably reach his family for a
status check to enable him to attend to his job?

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