[aprssig] RaspberryPI Parser for Grid Squares?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 21 08:26:49 CDT 2016

Looking for a Raspberry Pi programmer to do the following:

* Scan a .TXT file looking for a grid square in this format "GRD:XX"
* Converting that XX grid to a LAT/LONG
* Returning that LAT/LONG to the nearest degree

By putting the GRD:XX identifier along with every School in the weekly
ARISS schedule, then it will be easy to have the OUTERNET PI receiver scan
the weekly ARISS School schedule and plot on the existing OUTERNET
interactive world map, the general area of the school contact.

Then worldwide users can tell WHEN and WHERE an ISS school contact can be
heard live.

It is also conceivable that the OUTERNET PI can then momentarily tune to
the 145.800 downlink and hear the contact on the OUTERNET Receiver!  They
will need a manual Antenna switch..

If this seems to work, then we will next make sure the DATE and TIME of
the contact are also parseable...


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