[aprssig] D700 aging and buzz?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 31 10:04:44 CDT 2016

We were unable to command PSAT on the last few passes and I finally
listened to the uplink from our venerable 16 year old D700.  It had a low
level buzz that would clearly mess up an AX.25 packet.

So I swapped out the switching power supply and did the next pass on
Battery with trickle backup.  Still no joy.  And STILL the buzz.  So, its
inside the radio.

Anyone else seen this?

Note, if you have a less than stellar packet performance on any radio, it
is a good idea once a decade or so to listen to your own signal by ear and
make sure it is clean. ;-)

There are so many transmit and forget systems on the air…  I remember a
digi transmitting dead silence on every digipeated packet in central PA for
over a year that maybe no one noteiced because no one was “listening”…

The ears are marvelous tools… too bad they are centrally located in a
questionable cavity…

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