[aprssig] UDRC-II -- now with two radio ports

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Watch for an app note to provide 2 independent radio APRS streams via
Direwolf modem at the Wiki
and the Process of Continuous Development
Posted on September 8, 2016
 by k7udr <http://nwdigitalradio.com/author/k7udr/> in UDRC
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The great thing about Software is that you can improve it continuously.
Here at NW Digital Radio, we view Hardware the same way. Each time we build
out a PCB Fabrication run, it’s only engineering time and new solder-paste
stencil charge to make any improvements. So we re-evaluate each product,
looking for ways to make it better or appeal to a broader market.

Now that we’ve shipped hundreds of units, we’ve updated the UDRC based on
feedback from the field.
UDRC-II Changes:

   - PTT and SQL are now independent and buffered on both ports making it a
   true 2 port controller
   - LEDs have been added to both PTTs and the 5V converter (only lights if
   wired to 12V)
   - The 12V to 5V converter has an RFI Filter and Transient Protection for
   Mobile Applications
   - The Audio Inputs and Outputs are now 100 ohms to improve cable matching
   - The EEPROM version allows the driver to auto-configure for the UDRC or

The UDRC-II starts shipping once we have all the documentation updated. All
existing backorders will ship UDRC-II. The original UDRC will be obsoleted.
Limited Time Offer for all UDRC Owners!

If you’ve already purchased a UDRC, place an order for a UDRC-II by the end
of September and receive a $20 Rebate. Just write UDRC Rebate in the
comment field. Your email address must be in our Customer Database to
UDRC™ and Raspberry Pi 3 Compatibility


John D. Hays

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