[aprssig] Winbook TW101 unfriendly for APRS

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Thu Sep 22 21:20:05 CDT 2016

Greetings, all.
I just have had an unpleasant round of attempting to configure a TW101 tablet for mobile/portable APRS. 
Alas, this nice new cheap machine is cursed with pre-installed Microsoft Windows 10. This makes life difficult because many of the USB-to-RS232 adapters out there use the Prolific chipset. Since Windows 10 always (and without the consent of the user) automatically updates drivers to the latest version when you plug a device in, that guarantees that any but the latest version of Prolific devices will horribly fail to install. Furthermore, even if you don't have an old or counterfeit device, it still won't work until you have an Internet connection (presumably to check and update driver versions) when you plug a new device in (and plugging it into a different USB hub port makes it a new device).
So the TW101 is not really suitable for field operation without an Internet backhaul, unless all of your peripheral hardware is new and all of it is plugged in prior to taking the machine away from the Internet.
I wonder if I can boot Linux onto that tablet.....
Andrew, KA2DDO 
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