[aprssig] Questions about Callsigns Used in APRS

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Your cousins on the PropNET project (APRS on PSK31) are alive and well on 30 meters, Bob.  Here is the 48 hour 30 meter propagation map: http://propnet.org/catch3.php?band=HG&center=US&last=48&call=&maptype=G3&geo=&zoom=1

Pushpins with "30" are PropNET stations (IDing periodically and skimming all of the time).  The table below the map shows when the band is open/closed (because we ID 24-hours a day, we know).
Because we report directly via our own parallel servers (we use the exact same servers that APRS does, but host them ourselves...they are not linked to APRS' IS) and do not rely on AX.25 we are not limited as VHF APRS is.
Btw...most of our activity is on 10 meters...but you asked about 30. ;-)


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➢ "Total length of logins/callsigns may not exceed 9 characters including
the SSID if present."

TNC callsigns are 6 plus up to 2 digit SSID and a hyphen.  But for anything
else that can also be put on the map as an object or item the field is 9.

> 2. What is the minimum length for SSn-N aliases? Two? One? Probably two to
> meet the APRS minimum of three when the 'n' is appended?

The minimum length of any callsign or object/item in APRS is 3 characters.
SSn-N seems to work, Im not sure about how actual hardware digipeaters
handle say Sn-N?

> 5. Is GATE still a valid special handling token worth documenting and
> supporting?

Only a dual Port TNC or other VHF to HF gateway needs to handle it.

> Do HF stations requesting GATE actually want to land on everyone's VHF
> LANs...

Aboslutely not.  That would be the worst operating practice.  Unless someone
is calling MAYDAY, etc...  so leave it in.

> Are cross-band digis which aren't I-gates much of a thing any more?

Good question.  What's going on on 10.147 these days on APRS?
Bob, Wb4APR
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