[aprssig] Bluetooth RS232 adapters to run a TNC?

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At the risk of hijacking this thread, would it be possible to implement a Bluetooth connection between a TNC and a GPS receiver? In other words, would it be possible to use Bluetooth to eliminate the wired RS232 serial connection between the TNC and the GPS receiver? Since neither device would have a user interface that understands Bluetooth, how would the pairing be configured?




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I have the TT4BT, which connects to the DB-9 serial port of the TinyTrak4 TNC and converts it to BT.  It takes power from the 5V on the DB-9 pin 4, so if your TNC doesn't have that, you will need to find a way to power it.  But as long as your TNC baud rate is 19200, it should be fairly plug and play.  With some work, it can be changed to other baud rates, too.






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Does anyone have experiences of using a Bluetooth<>RS232 adapter to communicate with a TNC?


With the prevalence of Windows pad devices with no USB ports, I’m sure people have done this but Google can’t find anything (apart from loads of the units themselves).


Specific application will be a Microsoft Surface running AGWPE, talking to a Kantronics TNC.




Jim, G1HUL


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