[aprssig] Bluetooth RS232 adapters to run a TNC?

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Wed Sep 14 16:47:23 CDT 2016

That has been my experience as well. The only way I've been able to use 
a local WiFi connection and still have access to the Internet on my 
phone is to enable the HotSpot feature on the phone and have the local 
WiFi device connect to the phone.  TCP/IP doesn't care how the WiFi 
connection was made, and as long as you have a way to find out the IP 
address of the local device, apps on the phone can connect to ports on 
the local device without chewing up data.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS.  I've been experimenting with this using ESP8266 WiFi chips that 
I've enabled for APRS-IS communications.  You can see them as KJ4ERJ-E* 
on aprs.fi.

On 9/14/2016 5:02 PM, Fred Hillhouse wrote:
> Concerning Wi-Fi, connecting with a smartphone may provide varying 
> results. I have a BlackVue dash cam with Wi-Fi. If I connect directly 
> to it with my phone (Samsung S5) then all phone data exchanges attempt 
> to use Wi-Fi and fail. It seems the dash cam resembles a hot spot to 
> the phone.
> I ended up with a hot spot for the dash cam. I turn off Wi-Fi on my 
> phone and connect using my data. There may be an alternate solution 
> but I haven’t found it yet.
> Just a heads up!
> Best regards,
> Fred N7FMH
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> Yes, and there are various ways to pair devices (usually involving a 
> pushbutton or jumpers), but you're still going to need power to both 
> devices, so it's not that big a gain for many users.
> My next generation trackers will have WiFi as well, so for the host 
> connection I'm hoping to get more users to move to an AGWPE type TCP 
> connection.
> Scott
> N1VG
> On 9/13/2016 6:53 PM, Bob Burns W9BU wrote:
>     At the risk of hijacking this thread, would it be possible to
>     implement a Bluetooth connection between a TNC and a GPS receiver?
>     In other words, would it be possible to use Bluetooth to eliminate
>     the wired RS232 serial connection between the TNC and the GPS
>     receiver? Since neither device would have a user interface that
>     understands Bluetooth, how would the pairing be configured?
>     Bob…
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>     I have the TT4BT, which connects to the DB-9 serial port of the
>     TinyTrak4 TNC and converts it to BT.  It takes power from the 5V
>     on the DB-9 pin 4, so if your TNC doesn't have that, you will need
>     to find a way to power it.  But as long as your TNC baud rate is
>     19200, it should be fairly plug and play.  With some work, it can
>     be changed to other baud rates, too.
>     http://byonics.com/tinytrak4/
>     Byon
>     On Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 6:12 AM, Jim (List)
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>     wrote:
>         Does anyone have experiences of using a Bluetooth<>RS232
>         adapter to communicate with a TNC?
>         With the prevalence of Windows pad devices with no USB ports,
>         I’m sure people have done this but Google can’t find anything
>         (apart from loads of the units themselves).
>         Specific application will be a Microsoft Surface running
>         AGWPE, talking to a Kantronics TNC.
>         Jim, G1HUL
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