[aprssig] Aprx Version 2.9.0 Released

MJ Inabnit ke6sls at arrl.net
Thu Sep 15 02:32:00 CDT 2016

up way too late here.   Did mint 18 kcd5 install, wiped out after seeing 
how bad kde5 is, now doing mint 17.3 kde 4 install.  Interesting note: 
the ubuntu ppa ham updates on mint 18 showed aprx in the package 
manager.  I added same ppa to this mint and aprx doesn't show up . . . 
its always a bugger.

anyway, VERY HAPPY about this post!  I am very much looking forward to 
getting aprx back on my ham shack computer and shutting down xastir!

TU agn, 73 om

On 09/14/2016 10:27 PM, Kenneth Finnegan wrote:
> Greetings,
> This is an announcement of the release of Aprx version 2.9.0. 2.9 is the
> new stable release branch for Aprx, so all current users of previous
> versions of Aprx should upgrade to v2.9. Aprx is a Linux
> digipeater/I-gate daemon with a high level of configuration flexibility
> with regards to multiple port operation, beacons, and filtering.
> Main page: http://thelifeofkenneth.com/aprx/
> Source code: http://thelifeofkenneth.com/aprx/release/aprx-2.9.0.tar.gz
> Prebuilt binaries for
> Ubuntu/Raspbian: http://thelifeofkenneth.com/aprx/debs/
> User Manual: http://thelifeofkenneth.com/aprx/aprx-manual.pdf
> Installing may consist of downloading the correct .deb for your system,
> and running:
> $ sudo dpkg -i ./aprx_2.9.0*.deb
> # Set up the config file as desired; see the manual for details
> $ sudo nano /etc/aprx.conf
> # Enable the aprx daemon by setting STARTAPRX="yes"
> $ sudo nano /etc/default/aprx
> # start aprx manually or restart the system
> $ sudo service aprx start
> The bugfixes since v2.08 include:
> * Lots of code cleanup; fewer compiler warnings as well
> * Lots of documentation improvements
> * Improved logging with fewer typos, escaping unprintable characters,
> and more IP addresses
> * Fixed some edge cases on counting hops done/requested for trapping
> excessive paths
> * Respect STARTAPRX setting in /etc/default/aprx
> * Aprx can now RF-gate without being a digipeater
> * Timestamps on objects are correctly updated.
> * Aprx now respects system settings with respect to IPv4/IPv6 preference
> to comply with RFC6724
> This last change for APRS-IS address selection has been a bit sticky,
> and may get reverted if anyone pipes up with it still causing issues on
> systems which don't have IPv6 connectivity but the ability to retrieve
> AAAA records.
> If you have any issues getting Aprx running, make sure to ask on the
> aprx-software Google group to get assistance from the Aprx
> community: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/aprx-software
> <https://groups.google.com/forum/#%21forum/aprx-software>
> Thanks
> --
> Kenneth Finnegan, W6KWF


wishing you well
Jaye, ke6sls--via the toshiba w/thunderchicken3

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