[aprssig] Bluetooth RS232 adapters to run a TNC?

Dave B g8kbv at uku.co.uk
Thu Sep 15 03:08:27 CDT 2016

How about re-purposing an otherwise redundant WiFi capable
DSL/cable/whatever router?

OK, so it wouldn’t get an "outside" connection, but all it's abilities
as a WiFi access point, DHCP etc will be there, and if you *Disable* the
feature that prevents WiFi connected clients from seeing each other, you
can then get all your WiFi gadgets talking to each other just fine.

Many such older "blue box" routers even run from 12V DC by design.  
Thinking of the hoards of old WRT type things that are hiding in various
dusty corners...   Many can be flashed with alternative firmware too,
making them even more useful.  I run one with the Tomato firmware,
configured as a cable<>WiFi bridge.  Works very well.


Dave G0WBX.


WiFi definitely has its challenges there.  WiFi Direct doesn't seem to
be widely used yet.  Multiple WiFi connections isn't well-supported. 
Infrastructure mode is easier, where you have an existing AP.


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