[aprssig] Injecting Traffic Incident Objects

K5ROE Mike K5ROE at roetto.org
Sat Sep 17 19:01:39 CDT 2016

OMs and YLs,

The state of Virginia publishes an RSS feed of traffic incidents that 
include enough information to be useful as APRS objects.  I have written 
a rudimentary parser to inject these into APRS.

Before I continue into the project, it seems wise to probe the list 
members with some questions:

1) the propriety , would this somehow be against the 'vision' of APRS?
2) has this been tried before and deemed to be a bad idea?
3) Would it better to inject APRSIS or RF?  If RF should I consider a 
longer path than WIDE2?

Please excuse the NEWB questions.  Any and all thoughts greatly appreciated!

73 DE K5ROE Mike

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